5 Embroidery Tops You’ll Need In Your Wardrobe

5 Embroidery Tops You’ll Need In Your Wardrobe

Tops are a huge part of our wardrobe that we almost cannot live with it. There are various different types of tops and we are used to wearing it since ages. So for a change, we can opt for an embroidered tops which are trending right now. The embroidery has never been out of style but now we have even better ways to use in our daily lives. Bright coloured embroidery makes the plane top look really special. So let’s have a look at the tops with embroidered designs on it.

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Sheer  Embroidered Top


Wear these Embroidered sheer tops with a bra let or a ganji. This will make you look extremely stylish. This counts for a complete party goer top.

Long Party Embroidered Top

pjimage (1)

If you are going to the party then wear this long party, embroidered top. You can wear it like a dress.

Embroidered Shirt

pjimage (2)

These days, the embroidered shirt is trending day by day. Pair these shirts with your worn-out jeans and shorts. Embroidery shirts are so cool that it can be worn with a pretty dress as well.

Embroidered Off-Shoulder Top

pjimage (3)

If you do not like excessive embroidery, then you will love this top. In this off-shoulder top, the embroidery is done only on the sleeves. Try opting for bell sleeves as it will look very good.

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Crop Embroidered Top

pjimage (4)

This beautifully embroidered crop top can make you a  star of any party as it makes a fashion statement. Choose bright colours and go with sheer if you want. During winters, pair it with a shrug or a cool jacket and you are good to go.

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