5 Effective Tips For A Thorough Skin Cleanse

Makeup removal can be tedious...So here's how you can fix that!

5 Effective Tips For A Thorough Skin Cleanse

We know wearing makeup takes time and so does removing it after a long day. So we end up getting lazy and sometimes missing out on our regular cleanup. But it’s important to let your skin breathe after all that makeup and chemical products on your face. With these tips, you’ll be waking up with a fresh face every day!

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Make Time

Tips For Makeup Removal

Finding time and we mean ample time to let your skin take a break from all the makeup is very necessary. Of course, not everyone is perfect and you can get lazy. Sleeping with makeup on can be allowed once or twice but not as a habit! Makeup is general however natural does end up clogging your pores for a while. Other than this, pollution, smog and other chemicals in the air damage your skin anyway. Don’t get lazy and at least use normal wipes on your bedside table to wipe away the makeup as much as you can. Use different wipes for your eyes, lips, and face in general so you don’t mix them up and make it worse.

Let It Steam

Makeup Removal

Although you’re lazy, this may seem like an added burden. But if you want a fresh looking face even after a long night of makeup, this is the best option. With loads of time on hand, opt for a steam session to clear out your pores. All that clogged pores with makeup residue and grime from the daily activities can be stubborn. Steaming helps soften your skin and opens your pores. A cleanser of sorts, this primes your skin for makeup. Use steam only and not hot water or you’ll end up with burnt skin which is not makeup ready at all.

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Soak Your Skin

Makeup Removal Tips

Stubborn mascara? We’ve all been there! All that extra scrubbing around your delicate eyelids can spoil your beauty. So instead of rubbing, press down with an eye makeup remover pad to soak all the makeup in 5-10 seconds. You can wipe away the remaining makeup with a wipe and micellar cleanser. Soaking instead of rubbing will prevent damage on your eyes and around your face.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

A good way to soothe your skin after a long night of makeup is by patting it dry after your cleansing process. Don’t rub your skin but instead pat it dry.  Then massage your night cream or any other moisturizing product you use before bed with your fingertips. They help you regain your natural oils and nourishes your skin while you sleep. All that soft massaging gets the blood flowing and helps your face look fresh the next day.

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