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5 Easy Quick Fix Makeup Hacks For All

Remember all those times your perfect makeup was ruined by an accidental swipe in the wrong direction? Putting on makeup is nothing less than an artful skill which very few can master. And honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. We all make mistakes and that’s how we learn. Learning how to fix beauty mistakes is all about common sense and just using some of these tips and tricks! So next time you suffer a makeup mishap, keep in mind these 5 quick fixes that will save you from embarrassment.

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  • Lipstick On Your Teeth?

The worst kind of horror is walking and smiling around town while having lipstick on your teeth! It’s even worse when it’s your favourite red lipstick. An easy hack is to press down a tissue or rub a thin layer of Vaseline across your teeth before applying lipstick. This prevents it from sticking to your teeth and you can show off your pearly whites for all.

  • Patchy Mascara?

Not all of us have the good fortune of long lashes. So we resort to other means aka mascara. But a major flaw is knowing when to stop using mascara. Be strong and throw away any old, like really old and funky smelling mascara. Why? Because it’s around your eyes and you don’t want to damage them peepers with harsh chemicals. Secondly, to ensure you’ve actually applied it properly, press down a baby wipe on your lashes and slowly pull away. You can also apply Vaseline on your fingertips and rub some on the end of your lashes to prevent sticking.

  • Smoky Makeup or Raccoon Eyes?

Better known as raccoon eyes, smoky eyes makeup is everyone’s nightmares.  You can do a simple smoky eye makeup but don’t go overboard with the dark look. Let’s not make it look like you have a black eye! Tip? When working with a smoky eye, gradually progress outwards on your eyelid. Don’t go all black right around the eye and instead fade it away to the corners.

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  • Blush or Wall Paint?

Be careful with how much and where you apply your blusher. The main purpose a blush is to give a pinkish tinge to your cheeks aka the illusion of an ever-present glowing rosy look. But at times, we can overdo and end up with painting your cheeks with blusher. Don’t worry, there’s an easy way out. When using a powder based blush all you need to do is brush on translucent powder to lighten the color. If you applied a cream blushers, apply a layer of liquid foundation and blend it in to reduce the color on your cheeks.

  • Powder, Powder Everywhere?

If you’ve been generous with your powder, you’ll end up looking like a ghost ready for Halloween. A simple trick to solve this to wait. Yes, you read it right. Wait for your skin to work its magic and absorb the needed powder into your face. If still, it seems too much, hold a tissue over your face and spray facial mist to lessen the powdery effects.

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