5 Easy And Effective Home-made Fruit Packs For All Skin Types

Fruits are always good – be it for your overall health or for your skin. These natural wonders can be used as face-packs, to give your skin a boost of freshness as well as the much-needed glow!

5 Easy And Effective Home-made Fruit Packs For All Skin Types

But do you know which of the fruit is best suited for your skin type? No, right! Don’t worry as Veteran Beauty Expert, Bharti Taneja helps us to decode 5 home-made fruit packs best suited for your specific skin type!

The BOON of BANANA (for Dry Skin): This remedy comes as a great rescue for ladies with dry skin type as it is sure to soothe the dryness of your skin with all the nourishing properties enclosed. For this, beat a mashed banana and milk together so that it emerges as a thick paste. Now, add few drops of honey and a half teaspoon of kaolin powder to it – apply and wash off for a smooth-textured skin! Regular usage will give desirable results.

TIGHT & BRIGHT ORANGE (For Oily Skin): Orange is as beneficial as it’s tasty! It can work a wonder-brightener for your skin in a jiffy. Start off with this remedy by adding 2 tbsp orange juice into a spoon of sandalwood along with 1tbsp powdered calamine powder. Apply it as a face-pack until it semi-dries and wash it off to reveal fairer, suppler skin. Orange will act as a perfect tanning-removal agent for your skin.

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APPLE EFFECT (For Normal Skin): To give an instant glow to your skin, apple mask plays the trick. For this, first make a paste by grinding a fresh apple and adding raw milk, milk powder, and fuller’s earth power to it. Now whip this pack until it gains uniformity. Apply it all over you face, relax for 15 minutes and rinse with water. The treatment softens, rejuvenates and restores its natural PH balance thus making it glow beyond anyone’s imagination.

VERY STRAWBERRY (For Combination Skin): Make a paste by grinding a mashed strawberry pulp, few mint leaves. Now add kaolin powder along with few drops of honey and whip it. Let it sit for few minutes and apply a thin layer of this pack. Wait till it dries and washes off to reveal supreme textured skin. While strawberry will lighten the colour and tighten the texture you skin – mint will infuse a boost of freshness!

COCONUT CARE (For Sensitive Skin): This one might be the simplest of all – but is simply too effective as well. Coconut water is considered quite helpful for soothing the irritability of sensitive skin. To relieve it, mix 1tbsp of coconut water with 2 tbsp calamine powder and an ounce of aloe vera gel. Slather it all over the face and let it work for 7-5 minutes. Now, rinse away and repeat every alternate day to achieve the faster effect. Coconut water is rich in antioxidants and makes the skin glow.



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