5 Dos And Don’ts For Your Health And Fitness Regime

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5 Dos And Don’ts For Your Health And Fitness Regime

While people do everything they can to lose weight and maintain their physique, they also tend to go overboard at times which may lead to adverse effects on their health. Yes, it is important to exercise regularly but keep in mind that you do not exercise to an extent where your body cannot take the pressure. Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind while following a health and fitness regime.

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  • Dos

  • Drink Plenty Of Water


Water is an essential element needed to maintain the body’s health. It keeps you hydrated, keeps fatigue away and gets rid of unwanted toxins from the body. It also helps in weight-loss as well as maintaining skin health.

  • Sleep On Time


8 hours of sleep is necessary for children as well as adults to keep both your body and mind active. It ensures a smooth functioning of all the organs in your body and keeps you energetic. Furthermore, sleep will also render to cognitive functioning of the mind and body as they both need rest.

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  • Dont’s

  • Don’t Over Exercise


Over exercising will not lead to anything but fatigue and body pain. Exercising should make your feel energetic and upbeat. Too much of exercise may lead to excess pressure on the heart leading to cardiac arrests. Furthermore, it’ll cause muscle tear and unbearable joint pain. An hour of daily exercise is enough.


  • Don’t Go On A Long-Term Liquid Diet


Liquid diets can prove to be beneficial only if followed for a short span of time in order to get rid of the toxins and burning calories faster. If one continues to follow a liquid diet on a day-to-day basis, it’s going to cause fiber deficiencies which may get them prone to certain diseases.

  • Don’t Gorge On Cheat Days


Your diet is a complete waste if you control yourself everyday and go on an eating spree on one cheat day. Yes, you can eat your favourite junk but eat a measured quantity as your body is not used to consuming so many calories at once. Consuming too much junk may cause bloating.

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