5 Disgusting Things That Can Happen To Your Feet

5 Disgusting Things That Can Happen To Your Feet

Your feet exactly don’t have the reputation of being the cleanest. Each time you step out bare foot, you subject them to thousand of germs. And this probably cannot be the best deal for your feet. You stick them in sweaty sneaker or forget to wash them in shower! So it makes sense that some seriously gross stuff can happen to your feet.

But don’t worry , some of these problems are really common and can be frequently seen in many people. Read on to know about some of these common problems and how to tackle them!

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1. Skin growing around your nails

When skin starts to grow around your toenails, it causes discomfort  and redness and the main reason behind this is that you have got a ingrown nail. To avoid creating an ingrown nail yourself, always cut the nail slightly rounded and as well don’t cut down into the corners.

2. Thickened and discoloured nails

If your toenails look super thick, gross and are causing pain, you might have probably got nail fungus. We know this is gross, but the good news is that this isn’t a threat to your health. While there is no lifetime cure for fungus, every six to nine months the nail is completely replaced. Meanwhile, spray some anti fungal spray to avoid its reoccurance.

3. Black toenails

These is something common found among runners, dancers and those who have been doing more activity than average human. The reason behind a black toenail is that your nails might be jamming into the end of the shoes, creating a blood blister under the nail which gives it the black appearance. Remember not to take the nail off. As it’s already dead, it’ll fall off or will be pushed by the nail growing at the back.

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4. Fleshy growth

Noticed some something fleshy and bumpy under your feet. Well, it’s most likely that you have plantar warts. They can easily spread to the other parts of the body, so it’s advisable to see an expert as soon as possible.

5. Cracked and bleeding feet

Well if you have this type of feet, it isn’t just a sign that you might need moisturiser. It’s rather characteristics of  tinea pedis, a.k.a. athlete’s foot! Its a fungal infection that can lead to red, peeling and bleeding feet. Fortunately, this can be treated as it responds well to topical creams and lotions. If you’re suffering, try an anti-fungal cream once or twice a day for a month.

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