5 Coolest Nail Trends This Season

Time For Trendy Nails !!

5 Coolest Nail Trends This Season

Maybe it’s time for a trendy update to your style. However, with so much to do, do you know where to begin? It can be daunting but we’d suggest start with your nails. A lot of people tend to underestimate the appeal of well-manicured nails but always appreciate the new hip colour seen on another pair of hands. Once you make it a habit, you will instantly see the difference. The variety in shades available can be another hassle – here’s narrowing it down to top 5 colour trends of this season.



The yesteryear’s rage has made a comeback this summer. And why not, it gives a futuristic and energetic vibe. When opting for metallic shades, go for gold, blue, silver – an enchanting midnight palette.



A classic, an earthy colour scheme is perfect for those who like their fingertips fuss-free. Ideal for work too, you can opt for an array of browns and nudes, especially on almond-shaped nails.

Pop Colours


Spring is the time to experiment with colors and dig out shades that are not common. These bright shades bring a fresh feeling which is just what we need on a dull day. Dive in citric shades, including orange, yellow and as well as striking pink.



The Ladurée colours give an innocent flavor and add to your feminine style. Pastels go well with all your summer floral outfits. In just a few seasons, it has become the trendiest nail style across the world.

Colour block


For those who like a little variety and one colour seems not enough – opt for colour blocking! Mix shades uninhibited, neutrals and metallics or pastels with pop colours – you have your canvas on your fingertips!

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