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5 Cool Nail Colours That Are Trending Right Now

Bored of the usual reds and nudes to paint your nails and want to try some different colours? Here are 5 different unusual nail colours that you can flaunt any day and anywhere – for work, parties, casual outings, etc.

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Gunmetal Grey

Gunmetal grey nail colour defines gothic boldness like no other colour. If black is too bold for you, you can apply a nice double coat on short or long nails and flaunt them without any hesitation. Break the myth and flaunt them on any outfit – western formals, Indian formals, casuals, etc.


Coral nail colours are not experimented by many. But even a single coat of the pinkish-orange colour will make your fingers look long and can go on any skin tones. They work best on monotone formals and Indian wear. They even pop-out well on simple outfit of a pair of denims and monotone tees.

Powder Blue

Powder blue nail colour expresses the bubbly persona of the wearer. It is a misconception that this pastel colour do not go with the Indian skin tone; in fact, it looks really fabulous and gives the right amount of funk in a fashionable way. You can wear this nail colour with western formals and casuals. They go best with everyday denim casuals.

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White is the most mistaken colour for nails. The colour is, in fact, one of the most skin-brightening nail colours and speak power. You can wear this nail colour with almost every kind of outfits – even sarees; they work best with casuals, subtle coloured kurtis, and monotone or color-block cotton sarees.


We cannot contain ourselves with this nail colour. Flaunt a bit of sunshine with a yellow nail colour. The colour beautifies those manicured fingers. Apply generous two coats on your nails and you have tiny personal sunshine for yourself!

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