5 Cool Activities To Do With Your Partner To Spice Up Your Romantic Life

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5 Cool Activities To Do With Your Partner To Spice Up Your Romantic Life

Does your partner always complain about not able to spend some valuable time together? We have become so busy with our careers that we end up giving less time to our loved ones. The relationship weakens as the couples start feeling less important in each other’s life. Don’t worry, there are several simple things you can do together to make up for the lost time. This will also help you to know your partner more and bring you both closer.

  1. Create a mix-tape together


Every couple feels a certain connection to a song or may be songs as they remind them of the time spent with their partner.Take a cue from Ayushman-Parineeti starrer, Meri PyaariBindu and make a mix-tape of your favourite songs together. This will bring out beautiful memories of your lover each time you listen to the tape and will make you immediately tell your partnerthat you miss them!

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  1. Join a dance class

Couple Dance

Different dance forms like salsa and contemporary can be both fun as well as sensuous that can get you both intimate instantly. Dancing together can increase your comfort level as you are learning something new. By doing this you can also make everyone jealous with your well coordinated moves in the next party you attend.

  1. Volunteer at a charity event


You can also earn some good deeds in the process of getting close to your lover. Find a cause that interests both of you and start volunteering for it. Your relationship will deepen as you see a soft and kind side of each other.

  1. Play a sport


Do you remember how you used to make friends as kids in your colony just while playing outdoor games? It works in the same way in a relationship. A small game of badminton or volleyball is a healthy way to add fun in your life.

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  1. Go on a road trip


Wake up the adventurous streak in you and plan a road trip to a place that you always wanted to go. Or else go to a random place and face the challenges coming in your way together. It is a sure shot thing that this will turn into your personal romantic getaway in no time!!

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