5 A’s To Control Your OCD

OCD does not define you!

5 A’s To Control Your OCD

OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder refers to the chronic recurring habits of any particular actions. People with OCD tend to start worrying and obsessing over particular things. It can be tiring and troubling for both the patient and the people around them. It shows up through continuous actions that may or maybe not be harmful to you or others in your life. There are many ways to get your OCD in control via medications, therapy, and other options. Just remember these 5 A’s to keep your OCD in check.

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  • Acceptance


One of the hardest and toughest things to do is accept your OCD. It can be painful to agree that you have a disorder and it is affecting your life slowly. The best way is to start talking to your family and friends about your habits. Alternatively, you can talk to a therapist or even join online social forums for some advice. By talking, you will start understanding and realising how your habits are affecting others. It will motivate you to control your actions and accept your OCD. You can then focus on getting better.

  • Avoid 


Avoid the actions. Sounds easy but can be very difficult to follow. We suggest avoiding or trying to steer away from situations that will bring up your OCD. For example, If you have the habit of washing your hands too often, carry a sanitizer instead of running to wash them every time. You can gradually start substituting your actions into what makes you feel comfortable before avoiding them altogether.

  • Argue – with yourself


Right when your OCD hits you, start arguing with yourself. Talk yourself out of the habit! Start looking at what could go wrong and what are the results of your obsessive habits. That will make you slow down and think about how your OCD can be harming family and friends around you.

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  • Abandon the action


You will often end up repeating your habits, but don’t worry. Tell a friend or family members to remind you to stop or keep regular alarms to break the habits. It’ll help you distract yourself from the actions and thus keep your OCD in check. Abandoning the action midway can also slowly break your thoughts and habits.

  • Allow yourself time


At the end of the day, don’t forget that you are strong. You are fighting your own battles at your own time! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Things can get hyper but find ways to calm yourself down. Nobody gets cured in a day. OCD is a common disorder that affects half the world in some way or the other. And people overcome it in their own time. Go easy on yourself and maybe that’s when you’ll start getting better.

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