5 Common Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Beauty

Common yet dreadful, you don't even know you are committing these beauty crimes!

5 Common Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Beauty

You have your make-up game on point. However, are your routine habits destroying your beauty? We all make mistakes. And sometimes we make the same mistakes repeatedly without registering that they’re mistakes in the first place. Here are 5 common things that you shouldn’t be doing at all.

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1. Applying conditioner on scalp

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Conditioning is a haircare essential but there is no reason to go overboard with it. If your hair tends to feel flat or gets greasy too soon, you now know what the culprit is. Instead, you should shampoo your whole head and use the conditioner starting from ears along the length of the hair.

2. Not using a heat protectant

Hair Care Tips

Even if you feel confident that you don’t have damaged, vulnerable hair, a heat protectant product is a must. Not only do they shield your hair from heat exposure but also optimize the performance of your straightener or curler.

3. You’re not washing your sheets and pillowcases often enough

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Often ignored, this is a common cause of breakouts and clogged pores. You are exposing the bacteria and grime to your face for hours, every night. This can irritate your skin and cause acne.

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4. Tying the same ponytail everyday

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Your signature style can cause your hair to become brittle. It can create tension on that spot where you tie a knot every day. Eventually, it results in weakened, damaged hair.

5. Neglecting your neck

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The skin on our necks undergoes the same aging effects as our faces. Apply your moisturizer and sunscreen on neck too. There’s a reason they mention it on the packaging.

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