5 Color Combos That You Should Swear By

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5 Color Combos That You Should Swear By

Color combinations are very important when styling your outfit. While picking your looks, it’s highly essential that you work on getting the perfect color combos that will not only make you look stylish but also highlight your features and curves. Below are the 5 color combos you must abide by while styling your look.

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  • Black and White

Black and White Outfits

Classic and evergreen, this B&W combination is perfect for all occasions and moods. Be it for work or for a date, this color combo will never ditch you. Any style, black and white outfits are chic and trendy.

  • Pastels and Whites

Pastels and Whites Dresses

Baby blues and pinks, light greens and reds are catching eyes nowadays. Pair these soft colors with white for a light breezy look.

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  • Tans and Maroons

Tans and Maroons Dresses

The easiest choice is to go with a light and dark combination of colors. Pairing tans, light browns and beige with darker shades of red can never go wrong. Maroons, crimsons and blood reds are a good color choice with any lighter color.

  • Greens and Golds

Greens and Golds Outfits For Women

Two dark colors can also mix very well aka greens and golds. Gold in itself is a shimmery version of yellow which works perfectly with all shades of green. For a royal touch, pick a forest green base with yellow accessories for a whole look.

  • Pinks and Greys

Pinks and Greys Dressing Styles

A softer combination of pinks and greys works wonders on Indian complexion. You can always mix darker shades of pinks with greys. Don’t forget to opt for gold or silver accessories based on your shade of pinks. The darker the pink go for gold, light pink then choose silver jewelry and heels.

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