5 Brutal Truths Of Dating A Libran

Not over the top, not too quiet, Libras are perfectly balanced individuals and can be great partners!

5 Brutal Truths Of Dating A Libran

Librans are individuals who are born between September 22- October 23. They are known to be balanced individuals who prefer peace and harmony. It takes herculean effort make a libra lose his/her temper. Libran individuals tend to read and think a lot due to which they come across as extremely intellectual. With the listed qualities, dating librans may appear as a boon which is true to an extent. However, these individuals do have drawbacks like other zodiac signs. Here are a few of them.

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  • Librans are weird

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Yes, a dash of craziness is good but librans can get carried away and act bizarre at times which may drive their partner angry.

  • Indecisive

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From the smallest matters of deciding what to eat to big decisions of taking up a job or not, librans can get extremely worked up, analytical and indecisive. Their confused and indeterminate behaviour may cause a hindrance in the relationship.

  • Intrusive

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In a constant quest to gain knowledge and know everything, librans may tend to get a bit intrusive and overbearing for their partners. They may want to know unnecessary details which may leave their partner with little personal space and this is a drawback which can hamper the relationship.

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  • Flirts


They are social meanderers and can indulge into casual flirting but they are fiercely loyal when committed. Now, what causes the problem is that these individuals may lightly flirt with the opposite sex, all in good humour which may not be taken well by their partners.

  • Lazy

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You may want to unwind on a weekend by going out and drinking at the bar. More often than not, librans will want to stay back home, watch a movie and sleep. They are always up for adventure but they need time to recharge themselves.

These aren’t really deal breakers. Librans are beautiful human beings who can deal with hot-headed partners, be loving and caring. However, before dating them, keep these things in mind and you’re good to go!

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