5 Body Language Moves That Mean He Wants Sex

How do you know when he likes you? What are the signs that he wants to have sex with you? You like him but are hesitant if he likes you back or if he wants the same thing (sex!) in this dating or new relationship phase. The body of female species is easy to read but their minds hard. The opposite is true in the case of men. They are pretty easy to understand when it comes to their mind and hard to read their body language. But sometimes, they end up doing these very obvious moves that are indicators of their thoughts. Here are 5 sure shot signs that every boy ends up doing that screams they want sex

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  • Magnetic Pull


Is he leaning in towards you whenever you utter a word? A simple instinctive nature – leaning towards the thing or person you like. You want to be closer to them and understand them as much as they can. They will try to sit next to you, come closer when either of you is talking and try to catch your eyes.

  • Toothy Smiles


Smiling is seen as a positive reinforcement that we’re doing something good and that makes us happy. So if he likes you, he’ll probably want to show off his pearly whites 24×7 around you. He’ll smile and laugh whenever you’re around him to show how happy you make him feel. This also helps you feel comfortable around him to let your guard down and get down too.

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  • Lip Licker


Licking his lips while he talks to you shows he wants to kiss you. Science proves that we tend to salivate more when we look at something we like a.k.a drool a.k.a it’s your lucky day! He’ll probably also give you signals such as lean in towards you or keep looking at your lips and eyes to subtly indicate how desperately he wants to kiss you.

  • Bare Skin Contact


A clear indicator, he is looking for a way to touch your bare skin. And obviously more! Whenever you are talking or sitting next to one another, he tries to sneak a touch on your arm, grazes your shoulder or tucks your hair behind your ear. If he’s bold enough a squeeze on the knee, clothed or otherwise is also ample proof.

  • Lingering Looks


He never misses a chance to check you out. From head to toe, he’ll take a good look and probably compliment on how you look or how well you’re pulling off that outfit. If his eyes linger on your assets, you obviously know what he’s thinking.

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