5 Best Ways To Break The Ice With Your Coworkers

Here are some ground rules to break the ice in office and make friends with your new colleagues.

5 Best Ways To Break The Ice With Your Coworkers


Be Polite But Not Too Sweet: Working people are keenly suspicious of people who are overtly sweet. So never try to be sugary sweet with your new colleagues. Be nice, polite and approachable so that they take you a decent working professional and not someone who is desperate to please.

Observe First, Judge Later: An office has people from many walks of life. Every person is different and you cannot understand all the complications and under currents of relationships in your office in the first few days. Take a couple of weeks to observe your colleagues and their inter-personal relationships very keenly. Then come to any judgments about what you should do.

Be Funny, But Not Rude: Your sense of humour always comes to your aid when it comes making new friends at work. But what you find funny may be perceived as rude by someone. Always be careful not to offend anyone even if it is not intentional.

Be Careful With The Opposite Sex: It is always easier to befriend people of your opposite gender, especially for women. But start by making friends with people from your own gender so that you have covered the difficult ground first.

Be Good At Your Work:  When you are the topper in the class, you will never have any dearth of friends. The same rule applies to office as well; if you are good at your work, you will naturally gain the respect of your teammates. Otherwise, you will become a liability for them.

Don’t Try To Be Mr/Ms Popular: Most people do not like it when a newcomer becomes the talk of the office too soon. It will bring you unwanted attention from every quarter. So take it slow when it comes to becoming Mr/Ms Popular in office.


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