5 Best Times To Have Sex

5 Best Times To Have Sex

Timing is important! For guys it is preferable to do it all the time, but women may or may not have second thoughts! We women prefer for the right time an the right moment to have sex. We love it being special and passionate all the time.

But ladies why wait when you can sometimes surprise your man out of the blue and demand what you need. He won’t be expecting that and would definitely be wanting to please you. There are some times of the day, month and year best for all your sexual goals.

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Here are 5 best times when you can catch your man off guard even get to have better orgasm and longer sex with this smart scheduling.

1. When you want an amazing orgasm

This may sound counter-intuitive but the day you are experiencing an mind blowing orgasm is actually the day before you get your periods. This is the right time to give sex a shot, even if you are feeling grouchy or uncomfortable, because it will cheer you right away and you’ll have an amazing orgasm like you had never before.

2. When you want sex to last longer

Holiday seasons are the best reasons to have sex. These time of the years you do not have any work pressures and get more time to spend with your mates. So its easier for both of you to have luxurious and unhurried sex that lasts and lasts until both of you are grasping to catch a breath.

3. When you want to drive your guy crazy

You may have notice that guys usually wake up with erections. So instead of making him wait all day, make his day with a surprise sexual morning session. You’ll enjoy as well, as both of you will have more energy than you do in the late night.

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4. When you want to relieve pain

Making out when on your periods will actually help you reduce those uncomfortable period cramps. This is because an orgasm causes uterine contractions that relives the pain and that make you feel happy and relaxed. So the next time you can’t bear your cramps just look around for your man.

5. When you want to have crazy sex

Plan an unforgettable evening during the steamy time of the year, like the February or May, as you’ll have many opportunities to get it discreetly outside. Outdoor sex is most couples fantasy and plus it’ll help to improve your bed skills as you are already doing it beyond your comfort zone. Plus its a different feeling to way up to the first light of sunshine with your partner right next to you.

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