5 Best Sex Positions To Try If You Hate Being On Top

There are lots of perks of being on top while having sex like having control of the speed and tempo to experiencing deep penetration and as well having intense eye contact with your partner. But some women find it uncomfortable and that’s okay! Weather is because of body size, self esteem or ability there are many reasons why woman may shy away from being on top.

But luckily there are many other positions that make women feel charge of their sexuality without having to be on top. These are some of the best positions for women who hate being on top.

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1. Bridge Position


This is a little variation on the missionary position that can be more pleasurable and give you both controls. You have you lay on your back with your pelvis elevated with a pillow or blanket while your partner knees between your legs. You can as well wrap your knees around his torso and use your legs and buttocks muscles to squeeze and thrust.

2. Side By Side


Another great position to make love with you partner is by lying side by side facing each other. What’s good about this position is that you can have the freedom to move to have the best stimulation and it as well allows for a manual stimulation. One side may be more comfortable than other, so make sure to try both the side.

3. Spooning


If you don’t want any kind of eye contact, then spooning is the best option. With your man lying on the back, you don’t have the feeling of being stared at, which may be be too intense for some. You both get physically close and can therefore focus your attention completely on pleasure.

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4. Doggy Style


One of the perks of being on top is deep penetration and doggy style offers the same. You can grind your hips in circular motion first and then let him hold your waist and thrust. This is one of the best positions for deep penetration and g-spot access.

5. Chair Position


If you don’t want to do all the work, then try sitting on your partner’s lap either facing him or with your back towards him. This position includes a lot of cuddling and doesn’t require as much activity of yours. You both can experience the great thing about pelvic contact an can better stimulate your clitoris with any self consciousness.

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