5 Best Sex Positions For Beginners

Let's get those skills polished!

5 Best Sex Positions For Beginners

For someone who has just made debut at the passionate act of making love, it can often be bit of a pain. You either don’t get the position right, or find it to be a tedious affair. It’s alright, since you are just exploring and trying different tactics to see what makes you and your partner click. Learn from these top 5 sex positions that are best for beginners.

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1) Missionary

This is the classic, most romantic sex position that only humans use. You lie on your back, with legs spread open. Your man is on top during the intercourse. Though a loving position ideal for long-term partners, it doesn’t guarantee orgasm to the woman since it is not for much clitoral stimulation. However, good for first timers, you won’t get tired out.

2) Girl on top

This one helps the girl to be in power and control, since you are on top. It helps you get better orgasm but do not keep your hopes up to high during the first few times. Also, don’t hesitate to try it because you don’t know the movements properly – since you’re a beginner, your partner doesn’t expect you to be an expert at it.

3) At the edge of the bed

Lie down at the edge of the bed and let him place his body between your legs. Your man can hold your legs or you can rest your ankles on his shoulder.

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4) Doggy style

The name is such because the woman is positioned on all fours and the man penetrates the vagina from behind. This style allows deep penetration and is very pleasurable for both sexes. However, make sure you have your natural lubrication on point else it can get painful. Also, indulge in this position in the 2nd round, to allow your organ to warm up a little.

5) Spoons

This is similar to doggy style but the partners lie down on the same side. This one is considered more romantic as it gives you a feeling of cuddling. The man is pressed against the woman’s back and enters her vagina from behind.

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