5 Best Hairstyles For Big Foreheads

5 Best Hairstyles For Big Foreheads

If you’ve been bothered by a big or wide forehead, and always wished to make it appear smaller, here’s news! There are a plethora of hairstyles for big foreheads. Bye, bye contouring, try these hairstyles to make your forehead look smaller.

Bangs for broad foreheads

Another thing to do is get bangs that cover up all of your foreheads! Get thick bangs cut straight across your forehead, either above or slightly below your eyebrows. This kind of fringe can be worn left loose with all hair lengths or can be backcombed a little to give volume while the rest of the hair is tied up or in a bun.

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Flicks for broad foreheads

Flicks are another option to give a slight deception of a hidden forehead. Even a few wispy strands can do the trick, taking attention away from that large canvas that is your forehead. To make it more interesting, blow dry it with a big-barreled brush and separate strands with hair wax.

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Broad forehead side fringe with long hair

This sort of side fringe can just be an extension of your regular hair, no need to go out and get it cut. It does a good job of hiding most of your forehead.


Featherly Curls To Hide Big Forehead


Females with the short and curly hairs can get benefits of having this hairstyle with big forehead and curls from the front till the bottom covers the whole head which imparts a look of the round face instead of a long face. The length of the hairs must be around the ear only.

Over The Shoulder, Hairstyle To Hide Big Forehead


You can braid the hairs along the hairline and can shift the eye from your long forehead to the braided hairs. Curls bangs will cut down the length of the face and highlight the long braided hairs. Side parted bangs will go for the ensurance of the long hair also.

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