5 Benefits Of Using A Credit/Debit Card

5 Benefits Of Using A Credit/Debit Card

While you work hard to earn, it would be unfair to not have easy access to your pile of money. Last year’s demonistisation took India by storm and had most people down to their last currency note—still eligible or not. Long queues in bank to redeposit all the old currency notes was a task both tiresome and dreadful. However, what emerged post demonitisation is a new trend of digital payment.

  • Online Shopping

We love shopping online because of the variety and array of products we can browse. Be it clothing or beauty products or even groceries—we can simply add to cart and pay easily with your credit/debit card. What’s more?

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  • Ordering Food Online

There are days when we are working all day and we end up missing out on meals. However, now life’s become easier because we can order a bowl of salad from my favourite restaurant online, paying with this card. No more hunger pangs! What’s more, these we even get reward points credited!

  • Easy Travel

Are you planning a road trip with you girls on a weekend but do not want to drive? What did you do? Simply book a cab and pay online and get a massive discount! In fact, when on an international trip, you don’t have to carry a lot of currency notes. You can simply use your international debit/credit card and buy whatever you like!

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  • Online Payments

Now no more waiting in queues, you can pay all your bills online! Infact,it even helps you with transfers, balance enquiry on the go!

  • Movie Benefits

Catching up with your bestie over a cup of coffee and made a spontaneous plan of watching a movie? Pay via a credit/debit card because who wants to stand in box office queues! You can even get cashback and heavy discounts. Day made!

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