5 Bed-Shaking Positions For Hot Sex

Just make sure that all the noise doesn't piss your neighbors off!

5 Bed-Shaking Positions For Hot Sex

Want to have bed-shaking sex? Well, you must be a wildling in bed! These positions will drive you as well as your partner crazy in bed. Experience the carnal fire burning between the two of you while you’ll do each other until your breath gets heavy and you sweat it out in bed! Make sure that you have a strong bed; you don’t want to be the humpty-dumpty having a great fall, do you? Bold and sexy, these positions will give you immense pleasure to an extent where your body can’t take it any more.

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  • Pleasure Overload

Ignite the spark inside you by experimenting with this feisty position. Have your partner sit with his legs spread forward. Sit on his knees with your hands placed behind on his shins for support. Raise your hips and ride him up and down at a steady rhythmic pace. Oomph, this is so hot!

  • Topsy-Turvy Party

Definitely bold and difficult to perform but exceptionally pleasurable, this position will not fail you. Make sure that your man leans against the wall side of your bed. Have him pick you up with your legs upside-down. Hug his legs with your hands. Let him raise your hips and hold your knees as your ankles lock behind his neck. Now, it’s time for your man to thrust you with increased force and energy. The tight hug and deep penetration is sure to help you reach the zenith of experiencing pleasure.

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  • Naughty Cowgirl

Unleash your inner Goddess by riding your man back and forth with sheer domination, skill and confidence. Yes, we are talking about no other position than the ‘Cowgirl’! One of the sexiest positions to try, it provides the guy with optimum vision. It paves way for breast play which gives the woman added pleasure and the rhythmic humping will surely make your bed rock with reverberation!

  • Soldier In Attention

Have your man lie down and bend his knees backwards. Straddle him and push in and pull out consecutively. Be the sexy mistress that your partner desires you to be! The easy access to your man’s erect tool is going to make the activity smoother.

  • Branching Out

Lie down and branch your lower body up as your man holds your legs wide apart on his shoulders to provide you with support. Hold his thighs to strengthen your balance. Now have him penetrate you and move back and forth until both of your bodies give in and experience an orgasm. Fiery and exciting, this position will leave you’ll catching your breath.

Look sexy and be bold, be the ultimate huntress that your partner would love to undress and bang, bang bang!Go ahead, grab your partner and indulge in a sex riot!

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