5 Beauty Benefits Of Potatoes

Besides being one of the tastiest food item, potatoes play a vital role in beauty enhancing treatments!

5 Beauty Benefits Of Potatoes

While one may consider potato as a weight-gaining food ingredient, it is also an ingredient high in carbohydrates and holds a substantial amount of fiber content which is essential for the body when consumed in measured proportions. Boiled and cooked potato is healthy for consumption while its dishes like french fries and wedges qualify as junk and should be avoided. However, there are tremendous beauty benefits offered by potatoes. Here are a few.

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  • Helps get rid of dark circles


Embrace potatoes in exchange for your expensive under-eye creams. Apply potato juice, sliced or smashed potatoes on your eye-lids as well as under-eye areas to achieve a brighter skin. Keep for fifteen minutes and rinse it off. Follow it regularly and you shall see the difference. It also helps in reducing in skin puffiness around your eyes.

  • Treats sun burns


Potato acts as a cooling agent and helps in healing sun burns. Place slices of raw potato on the affected areas for twenty minutes followed by applying potato juice and then rinsing it off. This helps in soothing the skin and reducing the appearance of redness. It also effectively gets rid of the sun tan.

  • Gets rid of dark spots


Blend boiled peeled potatoes in a blender or mash them and apply them as a face-pack on a day-to-day basis. It efficiently decreases the intensity of those stubborn blemishes. Rinse off after five minutes and wipe your face dry. This remedy works like magic if followed regularly.

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  • Brightens Skin


Potatoes are known for their skin-lightening properties. A measured proportion of boiled potato and application of boiled mashed potatoes on your face thrice a week can prove to be beneficial in attaining a healthy glowing visage. Keep the mask for half an hour and wash it off. You shall experience visible effects within two weeks.

  • Reduces and delays appearance of wrinkles


Potatoes are excellent in treating signs of ageing. Potato juice when applied to skin helps in tightening it, banishing dullness and lending it a supple feel. All this effortlessly leads to reduced appearance wrinkles. Dab potato juice to your face with cotton. Keep it for fifteen minutes and rinse it off.

Follow these home-made remedies which are extremely cost-effective. Not only will you save money but achieve brilliant results within no time.

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