Why Besan Needs To Be Part Of Your Beauty Routine Now!

Want a perfect organic and homemade solution for your daily skincare regime? Read on why besan is the right choice...

Why Besan Needs To Be Part Of Your Beauty Routine Now!

It is no secret that besan has been an essential part of the Indian woman’s skincare regime since time immemorial! The popular kitchen ingredient is known to work wonders both on the face as well as the body. If besan is not part of your skincare regimen yet, here are 5 reasons it should find a place, right now!

Best Natural Cleanser

Best Natural Cleanser

Besan is known to clean off oiliness and oil-soluble dirt in the most effective manner. Applying and massaging a simple mixture of besan and rose water or water (of a thick paste consistency) on the face and the neck area will help your skin get rid of pollutants and excess oil right away. Opt for a face-wash and moisturiser, afterwards.

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Removes Tan

Natural Tan Removal Tips

Since centuries, besan has been effective as a natural tan removal. During the hot and humid weathers, when our skin and skin pores are already sensitive and vulnerable to even more damage (that is possible because of heavy chemical beauty and skincare products), it is always advisable to opt for application and massage of a simple paste of besan + multani mitti + rose water + turmeric. This paste will not only remove the tan and lighten your skin, but also help get rid of bacteria and acne-causing agents, protecting your skin from further damages.

Gentle But Effective Exfoliator

Natural Exfoliator

A home-ground coarse powder of besan is perfect as a natural exfoliator! You just need to grind the grains in your food processor, add some honey, rose water or water, turmeric powder, coffee powder (filter coffee powder) and a very small amount of melted ghee. Apply this paste on your face and body and rub and massage them same in patterned motion. You will achieve the following results:

  • Get rid of dead skin cells
  • Reduction in cellulite, if any
  • Glowing skin
  • Soft and supple skin
  • Get rid of black-heads

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A Good Body Scrub

Good Body Scrub

Besan is among one of the best organic and homemade body scrubs. You simply need a bowlful of dry besan, 3-4 tsp milk and 2-3 tsp water. Mix everything to form a thick paste and use it as a body-scrub. During winters, instead of water, you can also use some raw honey and/or melted ghee or coconut oil for effective moisturising.

Fights Acne

Benefits Of Besan

Besan contains zinc in a good amount. Zinc helps our skin cells to fight acne-causing agents. Besan is known to control the excess amount of sebum in our skin-pores and hair follicles. It also helps us clean of excess oil and oil-solvent pollutants off our skin. This all if not cleaned off properly will give you a difficult time tackling acne and post-acne marks on your skin. Simply make a thick paste of besan, water/rose water, multani mitti, turmeric and coffee powder; you can use this paste as a scrub as well as a face-pack.

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