Did You Know: 5 Beauty Benefits Of Cumin

Besides being an excellent cooking ingredient, it is also one of the fewer known ingredients used in beauty enhancement.

The versatility of cumin in the realm of the kitchen is known to all. However, what one may not know that cumin seeds or even cumin powder can be exceptionally effective in skin and hair treatment. Here are a few beauty benefits of cumin.

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  • Treats acne

Cumin, commonly known as jeera in India is very effective in getting rid of skin infections as it deep-cleanses the skin. Wash your face with jeera-infused water throughout the day and it will help you kill the bacteria on the skin. This keeps acne and pimple problems at bay.

  • Helps in achieving luminous skin

Use cumin in your daily beauty regime by applying a cumin face pack to your face. The face pack can be prepared by mixing cumin powder, turmeric powder and a tablespoon of honey. Keep it on your face for 10 minutes and wash it off once dry. This will help you achieve a glowing skin.

  • Treats hair-loss

Use cumin oil to battle hair-fall as it efficiently puts an end to thinning of hair and promotes its healthy growth. Heat cumin oil and massage it onto your scalp as well as the lengths of your hair. Tie a bun and keep it overnight.

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  • Gets rid of dandruff

Rich in antioxidants, jeera can be used to treat a dry scalp and dandruff alongside acne. Boil 3 tablespoons of jeera in hot water. Let it cool down after which you can wash your hair with it. This will aid in curbing dandruff problems and will moisturise your scalp as well. It also makes your hair soft and shiny. Who doesn’t like lustrous hair? We all do, of course!

  • Soothes your skin

Besides treating acne, jeera also curtails inflammation on the skin and treats allergies. Soak cumin seeds overnight and make a paste with these. Apply it all over your face and wash it off once dry. It can also treat burns as it is an excellent soothing agent.

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