5 Beauty Benefits Of Clay

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5 Beauty Benefits Of Clay

With the increasing number of clay products popping up in the cosmetic sector and market, it becomes important to discuss the benefits of clay. There is a variety of clay products available in the market and each type is suitable for different skin types or hair types. Let’s go ahead and find out the numerous benefits of the different types of clay.

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  • Green Clay


This is extracted from volcanic rocks and contains minerals which purify and detoxify your skin. It regulates sebum production in your skin, fights acne and mattifies your skin. It is perfect for oily or combination skin as it renders to tightening of pores which prevents breakouts and formation of blackheads.

  • Red Clay


Red clay has been used in beauty remedies since ancient times and is extremely beneficial to your skin. It suits all skin-types. Red clay is known to curb skin-irritation, puffiness around the eyes and skin-redness. It evens out skin texture by controlling pigmentation. and brightens your complexion. Furthermore, it also improves your hair texture as it lends it some silk and shine. Lastly, red clay also increases the volume of your hair.

  • Purple Clay


This clay is meant for people with dull and tired skin. Purple clay immediately rejuvenates the skin and adds a glow to the it. Purple clay can also be used as a pigment in make-up. It smoothens the skin leaving it feeling soft and supple. It blows life into dead and fragile skin.

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  • White Clay

White clay face mask for sensitive skin

White clay hoards mineral salts and kaolin. This is beneficial to damaged skin as the ingredients are known to act as repairing agents leaving the skin clearer and smoother. It reduces the formation of acne and pimples thus getting rid of acne scarring. It’s suitable for all skin-types.It restores bounce and shine back into dry and damaged hair.

  • Blue Clay


Blue clay is rare to find and is a bit highly priced. However, it is extremely effective in deep-cleansing your skin. It is known for its anti-pollution properties. It oxygenates both your skin and hair leaving them feel fresh and clean.

Thus, go ahead and choose a clay which would suit your skin and hair-type. Use the product and you shall see the difference!

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