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5 Bags That Deepika Padukone Is Obssessed With

There are somethings every person has a bit more love for than other things! While you may or may not be able to indulge your fetish, celebrities have the resources and opportunities to take it up a notch! They too have a soft corner towards some sort of fashion or accessories. Our style queen Deepika Padukone is pretty known around for her obsession with bags. From Tote bags, sling bags to big brands she sure knows them to carry them well to keep the shutterbugs engaged.

Here are types of bags featured in Deepika’s fashion list!

1) Celine Phantom Tote bags

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Deepika is photographed quite a handful of times rocking this Celine Phantom Tote bags. Its not easy to sport a Tote bag here and there but the actresses makes it look like a piece of cake! The black leather Tote bag looks pretty poised herself in arms of the dimpled beauty queen.

2) White Chanel Tote bag

The queen of all fancy and glamorous bags, that is, Chanel. The bag comes with a lot of baggage and good looks to keep up. Who can handle it better than Deepika herself! The white Chanel Tote bag is comfortably carried by the actresses.

3) Hermes Bougenville Bag

If you are an avid bag lover you will have plenty of bag knowledge about all sort of niche brands. Here Deepika is seen wearing a Hermes Bougenville Bag. The light brown Hermes bag looks so trendsetting enamored alongside our B Town beauty.

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4) C Cross Body bag

Going through another big brand bag list of Deepika Padukone. Lets checklist a Saint Laurent Cross Body bag. She certainly looks in high spirits both enjoying each others company,and why not just look at them! So elegant.

5) Gucci-Dionysus bag

If luxury had another name it would be Gucci. Ever so embodied with royal and chic things,the bags are no exception. Here Deepika sports a Gucci-Dionysus bag. The bag stands out so much that you are already on your feet to own one, aren’t you!

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