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5 Ayurvedic Treatments For Ultimate Beauty Care

When you are tired as hell and you know everything about your life is horribly affecting your skin and hair, it is time to take a backseat, book an appointment in an ayurvedic centre and go for a thorough ayurvedic massage. Keep your worries aside for a day and opt for any of these rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments.


What it does: Is considered as a herbal body polish. Loved by brides-to-be.

Navrakizhi is loved by bride-to-be because of the amazing skincare that it provides. A thick porridge-like substance is made by cooking red rice, milk, and herbs together. It is poured in potlis and is massaged all over the body. The ingredients used in this possess many antioxidant, cleansing and nourishing properties, making this treatment the best body polish one.

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What it does: It nourishes skin, gives it a better texture, tones it, reduces cellulite issues and improves digestion

A mixture of medicated powders of various herbs is used in this ayurvedic massage. This massage tones your skin, reduces cellulite appearances and gives your skin a firm and better texture. It helps in better regulation of blood, which means our body parts receive more amount of oxygen and nutrition, make us happy and nourished from a cellular level. It also helps improve the flexibility of our skin and muscles.


What it does: Detoxifies skin

Elakizhi is is a detoxifying treatment done by making herbal poultices (bundles) which are made out of fresh leaves and herbs. These bundles are warmed with medicated oils which are used to massage the entire body. This gives a full body skin treatment. The person is left with ultimate overall naturally glowing and detoxified skin.

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What it does: Relieves stress and fatigue, and tackles hair related issues.

Practised since centuries in India, shirodhara is a unique ayurvedic treatment of using medicated oil (or milk in some cases) to not only help one get rid of stress, fatigue, and such mental issues but also help him/her have an amazing blood circulation and hair health. Improved blood circulation directly works for the betterment of both hair and skin. This is one of the best rejuvenating and curative therapy.


What it does: Gives your skin a natural glow. It works as an anti-ageing technique and reduces skin tan effectively.

Mukhlepam literally means face pack. A good blend paste of various herbs is applied evenly on your face. It helps our skin avoid wrinkles for a long run. It reduces pigmentations caused by sunburns. The experts first determine your skin type and pick paste or pack accordingly for this massage.

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