5 Awesome Places To Have Sex In Your Life

Looking for new places to spice up your love life? Here’s our list of out-of-the-way places everyone in love must try having sex in.

5 Awesome Places To Have Sex In Your Life

Shower power:
Turn it right on under the shower. Dress to the dot (or not) and set the mood. Let the vulnerability of the moment soak in with the wet, wet dribbles sliding down both of your nude bodies. Soap each other, but make it slow, really slow, for that is when it gets sexier. Enjoy the sensation of each other’s caress, and discover spots of ecstasy neither of you even knew existed.

Wild Wilderness:
Have you done it in the woods? If not, maybe it’s time. Crawl into your cosy tent or lie naked under the stars. When the bonfire heats up the moment, let the crooks of the nightlife around you find desirable.

Fire in the water:
Turn it up a notch. Go skinny-dipping and let the sensuousness of the moment take over. Add to the heat with roses, candles and a bottle of wine at the poolside. But ensure the pool you choose is clean, and that all your nude games of intimacy don’t expose you to

Sexy roadster:
Add more zest to that road trip you have planned together—so stretch that four-hour drive to, say,  an eight-hour one—and break it off for pleasure. Roll off the road’s shoulder at a lonely stretch, cuddle up in the back seat and steam up your windows.

Terrace Turn-ons:
Make it kinky by adding an element of voyeurism in your love-making, as the neighbourhood sleeps, or early in the morning hours—without the dangers of being watched. Set up your terrace with your favourite flowers, a bed sheet and a bottle of wine. Then, shut it from within to keep pesky, unwanted interruptions and get straight to the act. The idea of being half-exposed itself will make the whole session racy.


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