5 Awesome Places To Have A Destination Wedding

Explore these destination wedding spots in India which will make your special day even more memorable and also will go easy on your wallet

5 Awesome Places To Have A Destination Wedding

Nowadays you often see photos of your relatives, friends, co-workers, friends of co-workers getting hitched in a beautiful destination wedding at Goa, Bali, etc on various social media sites. And you wonder, how do I make one happen for me like that? Well don’t worry, in this article ahead we will explore various destination wedding spots in India which will make your special day even more memorable and also will go easy on your wallet. Here is a list of five affordable wedding destination spots:

1. Mandu 


Mandu, ruined city in Madhya Pradesh is associated with the love story of the last Sultan of the erstwhile state of Malwa, Baz Bahadur and his beautiful consort Roopmati. Set amidst Satpura mountains this place boasts of exquisite palaces, ornamental baths and pavilions to lure your guests into its old-world romantic charm. Nothing can get better than tying the knot in the beautiful ranges rich with romance, in presence of your loved ones.

2. Alibaug 


Closer home, an attractive alternative to hiring banquets and dining halls or hiring palatial hotels, is Alibaug. A mere 2-hour drive from Mumbai will take you to stunning beaches of Alibaug. You can have your much dreamed of beach wedding here. The preparations would be a lot easier to make as it is easy to hire bungalows here and also due to proximity to Mumbai if you are a Mumbaikar.

3. Mount Abu 

destination wedding spots in India

A cool oasis in the desert lands of Rajasthan, Mount Abu has always been a famous tourist destination. The highest peak in the Aravalli range also offers a wonderful destination wedding in the hilly ranges. Home to lakes, waterfalls, and green forests, Mount Abu also serves a good place to entertain guests.

4. Lavasa 

destination wedding spots in India

If you love hills and planning to get married in the hills, then Lavasa is a very good option. It is already a popular wedding destination for people from Mumbai and Pune. The perfect time to book Lavasa as a wedding destination is October to May, however, if you are on a budget then you can book a destination in the end of October.

5. Benaras 


Lying on the banks of river Ganga, starting a new life in the holiest city of India, is an attractive proposition for a lot of couples. Home to famous Kashi temple, Ramnagar Fort, Assi Ghat, Dhamek Stupa, etc. With its old-world charm, Benaras is a preferred destination wedding spot for a lot of North Indians, however, others are also catching up.


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