5 Arguments That Every Couple SHOULD Have

Yes, it's important to have rules in every relationship!

5 Arguments That Every Couple SHOULD Have

A healthy relationship calls for a love, care, mutual understanding and a healthy dose of arguments. A relationship without any argument is prone to misunderstandings, loss of interest and a death of the spark which once kindled it. Here are five arguments that every couple must have.

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  •  Expenditure

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If you feel that your partner indulges in unnecessary expenditure, it is your duty to inform him and make him aware of his extravagant ways. A spendthrift may not realize how low his bank balance is going until someone tells them so. Do not hesitate to talk about money matters with your partner even if he gets offended as it is yours as well as his responsibility to have your combined bank balance steady.

  • Equal Distribution Of Chores


It is not solely a woman’s responsibility to manage household chores. In today’s age, just like men, women work too. It is only fair to distribute the household chores equally between the two of you. If your man is a mumma’s boy who is not used to lending a helping hand at home, you need to make things clear and fight for what you feel is right.

  • How Often You Indulge In Sex


Sex is an important aspect in keeping the spark in the relationship alive. If your partner has been avoiding having sex with you, it’s time for some confrontation. It might be a result of stress, depression, something he/she is mad at you about. Whatever it is, you need to clear the air.

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  • Temper Issues


If your partner is extremely short-tempered and constantly keeps yelling at you, it’s high time that you put an end to it. Make sure that he/she doesn’t take you for granted. It is not okay for him/her to vent out their frustration on you. Tell them that you’d rather have them talk about what’s been troubling them and you’ll could resolve the issue as mature adults and as a strong couple.

  • Giving Time For Extended Family


If your partner avoids mingling around with your friends and family, you should not let it go unspoken about. If they avoid the topic, be persistent and don’t let go of it until they improve and change their ways. It goes without saying that you should be friendly with his friends and family at the same time.

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