5 Amazing Ways To Rock Blue Eyeliner

Blue is the new black!

5 Amazing Ways To Rock Blue Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is obviously classy and an iconic look to sport, however, if you’re looking for novelty and brightness with your eye makeup, you should definitely grab a tube of blue eyeliner to make your eyes pop even on a gloomy, rainy day. Here are some blue eyeliner examples that will immediately make you want to try it out!


Combined with brown and black eyeshadow, blue eyeliner looks very resplendent!

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Since most of us weren’t blessed with eyes bluer than the ocean, that doesn’t mean we can’t sport them on our eyelids!

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A little bit of blue paired with red will give you the vampy eye look of your dreams.


Combining blue eyeliner with copper, shimmery eyeshadow will make your eyes shine from a distance!

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This eye look gives you beachy, sunset vibes, wouldn’t you agree?

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