5 Amazing Ways To Eliminate Jealousy From Your Relationship

Jealousy in a relationship can be healed. How a couple deals with jealousy and other conflicts is vital to their success. Here are five ways which will help you to keep jealousy away from your relationship.

5 Amazing Ways To Eliminate Jealousy From Your Relationship

Share your feelings: Openly share your feelings about being insecure or uncertain in your relationship. Speak from your heart, without justifying your actions, but avoid being accusing or confrontational. It is OK to talk about your concerns, your doubts and your desires. View this time of tension as an opportunity for open communication and expansion of understanding for both partners.

Tame your imagination: It is amazing that something that starts off in our imagination can soon spark out of control and cause such devastating damage.  Recognise the negative stories and constant self-talk. Don’t blow things out of proportion by going over them time and again in your mind. Just imagine instead, being able to do all of the things that make you happy instead of having all those negative thoughts and emotions running around inside your head.

Do a reality check: Take a good luck at those things that trigger your jealousy and ask yourself how realistic the threat is. Carefully think through the circus-like situations you have imagined about your partner and what real evidence you have to validate them. Jealousy knows no rational thinking and it has no rhyme or reason.

Let go of the past: Constantly going over negative events of the past robs you of the present and makes you feel bad. It is important to trust and have complete faith in your partner to prevent jealous feelings toward them. Letting go of the past is the first step. See your partner and each day as a fresh start and opportunity to grow together, as opposed to rehashing and reliving your past experiences of doubt and despair.

Realise jealousy is destructive: Jealousy is an emotion that can torment the one you care most about and can become somewhat of an addiction. The disregard that you put on that person through your jealous insecurities is as real to them as your feelings of being trapped in your own prison of doubt. Realise jealousy is not only destructive but a very lonely place to be.


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