5 Amazing Ways To Declutter Your Room And Make Space

Can't find your way through the clutter in your room? These little tricks will help you clean the clutter and feel free!

5 Amazing Ways To Declutter Your Room And Make Space


  • Often, the source of clutter is our own inability to let go of the old and unnecessary. This is especially true with clothes, memorabilia and family collections. Assess your reason for holding on to these and check if you have physical space for everything you want to keep.

Home Decor

  • Choose your furniture carefully. The more you try and fit into your room, the less walking space you will have. Make smart choices while buying new furniture like a chest, that can hold your television and music set together.

Home Decor

  • File magazine subscriptions, old newspapers, stacks of bills and mail or dispose them off on a monthly or fortnightly basis.


  • Camouflage your room by painting it smartly. Dark shades make your wall look narrower while the lighter shades of blue, green or yellow will make your room look brighter.


  • Make a ground rule: If something comes in, then something goes out. Always try to have place for everything.



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