5 Amazing Road Trips That Every Traveler Needs To Take

If you too want to get completely lost that one last time, here are some of the best road trips in India that you can make.

5 Amazing Road Trips That Every Traveler Needs To Take

You can always hop on a train or take a short flight to your next holiday destination. But, predictability in travel can be a little boring, don’t you think? Why not hit the road instead. All you need is a car or bike. Tank it up, stock it with travel essentials and voila!

1. Mumbai to Goa — The Dil Chahta Hai Route

road trip destinations in India

The road trip between Mumbai and Goa needs no introduction. Driving on National Highway 17 is a pleasure, and the picturesque route has several food joints to answer your food cravings en route to the beach party capital of India – Goa.

Approximate Distance: 604 kilometres

Estimated Driving Time: 10 hours

Pit Stop: Chiplun, which is around 238 kilometres from Mumbai, is a perfect place to give your journey a break. You can spend some quality time here while admiring a rare fusion of Hindu and Muslim architectural style at the renowned Parshuram Temple

2. Bengaluru to Nandi Hills — From India’s Silicon Valley to the Calmness of Hills

road trip destinations in India

If you love capturing the beauty of nature in your camera, you should leave the comfort of your home in Bengaluru well before sunrise, to capture the rising sun in Nandi Hills. However, if you are a late riser and plan to reach the hills well after the sun has had breakfast, you can still please the adventurer within by paragliding or trekking.

Approximate Distance: 47 kilometres

Estimated Driving Time – 1 hour

Pit Stop – Although the journey between Bengaluru and Nandi hills takes just over an hour, do not forget to spend some time at Devanahalli Fort.

3. Chennai to Munnar — Welcome to the World of Tea

road trip destinations in India

If the steamy weather in Chennai is something you want to avoid on the upcoming weekend, a trip to Munnar should definitely be on your to-do-list. The winding road and pleasant weather will make your trip a memorable one. Once at your destination, you either can bring out the adventurer in you by rock climbing and paragliding or can simply learn the art of tea making.

Approximate Distance: 600 kilometres

Estimated Driving Time: 10 hours

Pit Stop: An ideal midway stop is Tiruchirappalli, which was one a part of the renowned Chola kingdom. The city, with a large number of beautifully sculpted temples and fortresses, is a treat for photography enthusiasts.

4. Delhi to Manali — From the Concrete Jungle to the Valley of the Gods

road trip destinations in India

The stretch, which seems to get cooler with every kilometre you clock, is ideal for all those who love serene valleys and snowcapped mountains. Once in Manali, you can improve your adventure portfolio by trekking, paragliding, skiing or rafting.

Approximate Distance: 538 kilometres

Estimated Driving Time: 10 hours

Pit Stop: Spend some time admiring the beauty of waste at Rock Garden in Chandigarh, the ‘City Beautiful’. You can even make a few purchases at Sector 17 before you head over to the hills.

5. Ahmedabad to Kutch — Towards the White Salt Desert

road trip destinations in India

The journey to Kutch from Ahmedabad is fun and compliments the experience one gets on reaching the destination. The endless expanse of the white salt desert is brilliantly complimented by the colourful life of the people of Kutch and the neighbouring handicraft villages, including Nirona, Nakhtarana and Hodko.

Approximate Distance: 381 kilometres

Estimated Driving Time: 8 hours

Pit Stop: Dhangadhra is an ideal place to rest your wheels for a couple of hours while admiring some temples and mosques.


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