5 Advantages Of Having Sex With A Long Term Partner

Because there is a difference between having sex and making love!

5 Advantages Of Having Sex With A Long Term Partner

Every human being has certain needs and desires that need to be fulfilled. Having sex is one of the most natural things a human being can desire for. Furthermore, a lot of individuals believe in the concept of ‘friends with benefits’ to fulfill these desires. We live in a progressive society and such kind of relationships are absolutely fine to have. However, sexual indulgence with someone you love is much more meaningful and intimate than having sex with someone without any feelings involved. Here are 5 things that make sex with your long term partner special.

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  • Whispering words of affection


Letting your partner how much they mean to you in the middle of the activity is going to do nothing but make the session even more passionate. This will increase the emotional as well as physical intimacy helping you’ll connect heart to heart.

  • You feel comfortable

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Your partner is aware of your flaws and you know that. Hence, worrying about that extra mass of fat, your love handles or a certain scar is out of question. You feel comfortable in your own skin as your partner has accepted you for who you are.

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  • You don’t need to look good

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In long term relationships, couples get used to each other and love their partner regardless of how they are dressed or look. This does not mean that one should stop taking care of their hygiene or not bother to groom himself/herself. In most cases, couples when in their honeymoon phase, will dress up and plan a special night which is not required in long term relationships. Nonetheless, it is essential to plan romantic nights once in a while to keep the spark alive.

  • It is okay to crack up

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While new couples may not feel comfortable cracking jokes in the middle of a session, it is absolutely normal for long term couples to crack up over something they recall or when one of them cracks a silly joke.

  • Sex is better

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Since you’ll know one another in and out, each of you is aware of what the other likes in bed. Your partner is aware of your weak spots and exactly knows the trick of how to make you orgasm. This is what a new partner would not be aware of.

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