4 Ways You Can Do Up Your Home This Festive Season

This festive season, breathe air into your living spaces with the latest interior trends and styles. New Woman puts together the latest home decor trends for this festive season

4 Ways You Can Do Up Your Home This Festive Season


Since the living room is the highlight of your home, it becomes the utmost priority to give your living room a fabulously fresh look by playing with colours, accessories and furniture. Add a royal touch to your living room with beautifully designed seating options, side tables and a chandelier, to transform your home into a warm, welcoming and functional space. It would also make this space one of the most comfortable areas of your house, which is well furnished with style and royalty.


It’s time to experiment and play with your fabrics to give your home décor a contemporary yet Indian touch. The reinvention of contemporary patterns with refined colourful ranges is a new way. Also, softened geometric patterns complimented with high gloss metallic accents add luxury and glamour to the entire story, hence making it more versatile and easy to integrate into other styles.


Break the monotony and bring about a vibrant look by adding decor items on consoles against the wall. In addition, add small pieces such as different kinds of metal table/wood tables or trunks in corners as well as a seat/behind the sofa back in aztec prints. Neeta Kumar, Owner and Designer of Inhabit says, “One can redo the living room by identifying and accentuating the accent walls. Make it look different by giving it a shabby chic look, or just expose the brick wall. Adding cushion covers, changing the upholstery of a single chair will give a new look to your room.”


A perfect blend of old and new trends is the new way to accessorise your home décor this season. Sona Reddy, Owner and Designer of Room Therapy says, “Moving things around the house and exchanging accessories between different rooms are a great way to make a change. Hanging lights and lanterns is an age-old tradition but these lanterns can be decorated with flowers. Since mixing new and old styles have become everyone’s favourite, one can use a string of lights within an old sari drape on a window to give a fabulous appeal to your home.”

Quick tip: Colours used can be in shades of green, rust and ochre. Very bright colours should be avoided. For instance, if you are giving a wall the exposed brick look, the other wall could be in a distress green shade.


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