4 Ways To Style Statement Leggings

4 Ways To Style Statement Leggings

Leggings are one of the comfiest clothes ever invented. But equally controversial in the fashion world. While some agree that leggings are the best thing ever, many also choose to stick to pants or jeans for life. Everyone is 24×7 wondering how to style these pair of leggings while still looking trendy. Below are our favourite looks that make heads turn, all in a good way!

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  • Comfy Style

Legging Styles

Mostly worn at the gym, these geometric lined leggings are now in the statement section. Worn by models, celebs and the common women, statement leggings are not just a gym outfit anymore. Layer a jacket on your tank top, a comfy sweater or a loose cardigan on your button down for a simple look.

  • Work It

Work Leggings

Get ready for work with a pair of liquid leggings under a short formal dress or put on a long jacket with a blouse that will be appropriate for work and still look stylish.

  • Printed Paradise

Printed Leggings

These beauties are eye-catching, bright and definitely hard to style. Whatever the color of you leggings, opt for a contrast / complimentary color. If you choose pink leggings, work it with a black tank top or a white flowy jacket.

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  • Two Toned Tights

Toned Leggings

A new found love for these two-toned tights is here. They not only look quirky but are a fashion statement in themselves. You could style them with anything and everything just for the sake of pulling it off. Patches of sheer can also be equally chic that hint at your legs in the right amount.

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