4 Ways To Stimulate Your Man’s Penis

A lot can be done with your hands!

It is an art in itself to satisfy your partner and get him turned on for action. If your partner is brilliant at foreplay and sex, why should you lag? Be bold and reveal your wild side. Ignite his sensual organs by every touch of yours. Make optimum use of your hands and mouth for foreplay and ride him like a sex Goddess to send him to a pleasure alley which he finds it difficult to return from.

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  • Flirtatious Touching

The best way to initiate physical intimacy is by touching the man flirtatiously. Start by running your finger down his body, right from his face to his ding-dong. Run your finger over his nipples to build up the sexual heat and rest your fingers on his penis. This is an extremely naughty way of turning him on.

  • HandJob

We all love being touched in our genitalia, don’t we? Embark on the process of giving him an ultimate orgasm by giving him a hand-job. Unzip his pants, pull down his underwear and start running your finger over his foreskin and on the tip of his penis. Now, slowly massage his penis and stimulate his it by a teady action of rubbing it up and down.

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  • BlowJob

Climax your foreplay by going for his magic wand. Give your man what he deserves. A blowjob is what every man craves for. Once the intensity is built, start licking his penis  and place the tip of your tongue on the tip of his penis. This is extremely arousing for your man. Now, blow him away to glory. It feels absolutely ecstatic to see your man being aroused by you.

  • Cowgirl Position

Now, go for the homerun. This is one of the most dominant positions a woman can opt for. Ride your man and have the situation under your control as you channelize your inner Goddess and turn the heat up. Have your man lie down and sit on top of him. This position provides the man with an optical feast and allows breast fondling. It is also one of the most stimulating positions for men.

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