4 Ways Sex Is Boosting Your Mental Health

The last one will shock you!

4 Ways Sex Is Boosting Your Mental Health

Ever wondered why you feel better after having sex? Science has proven that sex is not just a physical act but also a mental one. So when you’re having a bad day, and your partner initiates sex, don’t hesitate. Sex is actually a good way to get rid of negativity and bad moods. Below are 4 ways that sex is affecting your psychological health.

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  • Self Esteem Booster

  Sex Booster  

Well this is one is tricky, but it’s proven that sex helps you feel better about your body and thus your mental state. Self-esteem is individualist and sex can work differently on everyone but the end results are mostly positive. Holding someone with love, touching and desiring someone while enjoying sex is why most people feel important and loved. Having sex regularly helps boost your self-esteem and even increases your confidence in other aspects of life. We all talk about the post-coital glow, which is most definitely your rising confidence levels.

  • Stress Reliever

 Stress Reliever

All that banging is actually helping your relieve pent-up stress. You can hide all you want but sex is a good way to feel relaxed aka orgasms. The more orgasms, the more good hormones scientifically dubbed as endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine are released making you lighter and happier. It also relieves anxiety and leaves you feeling fitter. So you better aim at enjoying sex both physically and mentally. It’s a good stress relieving technique and you can always practice solo too.

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  • Sleep Better

Sleeping Better

Sleep is extremely important for your mental health and lack of it will affect your life drastically. By enjoying a good time in bed, you’ll actually end up sleeping better. After spending all that energy, sleep is a good way to restore your body and mind. Cuddles and sex are good motivators for endorphins that promote sleep. So if you want that good night’s sleep – start working your magic in bed with your lover.

  • Smarter

Sexy Time

We didn’t say it! Scientists claim that having a sexy time actually makes you smarter each time. Studies have found that just thinking about your past sexual escapades is already making you think and link different emotions and ideas. Orgasms bring about a rush of blood to all parts of your body thus transporting nutrients and energy to your brain as well. This helps you think more actively and understand emotions and thoughts better. Who would have thought sex could make you brainier!

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