Did You Know? Your Mood Affects The Way You Spend Money

While it’s true that money can’t buy happiness, there is no question that it can have a profound impact on your mood and your overall quality of life. We tell you how your mood can often correlate to the amount of money you spend.

Did You Know? Your Mood Affects The Way You Spend Money

Shopping Addiction

“People suffering from bipolar disorders tend to go overboard and shop a lot, during their manic stage. However, during the depressive stage, the bills from binge shopping drive them deeper into depression,” says Dr Arunita Biswas, Consultant Psychologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield.

Happy Shopping

When people are happy, they usually spend on sharing or celebrating happiness. Saima Gaziani, Founder & CEO, PRaxis Media opines, “Shopping is more fun when I am happy. I am in no rush to buy whatever I lay my hand on. I tend to be relaxed and look at more options.”

Sorrow Shopping

Shopping is usually a way to uplift the mood when one is sad. Amisha Sethi, a Happiness Coach, says, “Once I was at a mall with a friend who was extremely sad. I saw her going crazy on desserts and binge shopping. Not sure if all this did any good to her mood in the long run but certainly, at the end of the shopping spree, she sounded far better.”

Angry Pitches

In anger, people want to have control over circumstances, and impulsive shopping gives them a sense of control, which is otherwise difficult to achieve.

“Self-regulation is the best way to regulate our desires and commit to our goals. We should control our actions when we are emotionally charged. Learn how to face our problems instead of running from them,” concludes Nishima Agarwal, Co-Founder, CurrencyKart.com.


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