4 Ways to Infuse Passion Back Into Your Love Life

Lack of passion can disturb your married life. New Woman brings a host of suggestions to infuse passion into your sex life.

4 Ways to Infuse Passion Back Into Your Love Life

Are you facing troubles in your sex life? Don’t worry, we have got easy and long-lasting solutions to restore the magic in your relationship.

Talk to your partner: Surprisingly, very few couples actually talk to each other about sex. The more openly and frequently you talk about sex with your partner, the more regular and exciting your sex life will be. Tell your partner about your wants and dislikes when it comes to sex and understands his point of view. Express what you would like him to do in bed because he won’t know it otherwise. Healthy and open communication will lead to not only a passionate sex life but also a healthier marriage.

Make time: The commonest excuse for not having sex is a lack of time. But, the fact is, there is always time for sex. The best way to go about it is to schedule the day and time for sex and stick to it. Contrary to most beliefs, this will actually increase the anticipation and sexual arousal.

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Put in the effort: Sex is not just a physical act—the quality, frequency and longevity of sex are highly dependent on both partners’ emotional well-being. So make that extra effort to help your man feel better. This will translate into an exciting and mutually satisfying sex life.

Add variety: If you find that your sexual routine is getting boring, then try out different sexual positions and venues to experiment with sex. This will definitely take your sex life to the next level. Share your fantasies with your partner and, of course, make sure that he is comfortable doing it.


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