4 Ways To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair

Say goodbye to frizzy hair!

4 Ways To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair

Tired of battling frizz and hairfall? Here are a few remedies that would aid in achieving frizz-free silky hair.

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  • Avocado


Apart from controlling frizz, avocado is also efficient in reducing split ends. It hoards nutrients that effectively treat your hair and make it smooth and silky keeping frizz at bay. Mix a mashed avocado with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Apply the mixture evenly along the lengths of your hair. Leave it on for half an hour and head in for a hair bath. Rinse it off with shampoo.Don’t do away with your conditioner at any cost. Follow this routine atleast once a week and you shall see the results.

  • Egg


Mix an entire egg with tap water and apply it along the lengths of your hair and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Wash it off with shampoo and you shall have successfully achieved silkier, shinier and healthier hair. Egg is an extremely nourishing ingredient which should be made a part of your hair-treatment regime. Follow the method once a week and you’re good to go.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar


Apply it when diluted with water all over your scalp and leave it there for 20 minutes. Not more than one tablespoon of the vinegar is needed. Avoid applying it to your hair. Massage it into your scalp to get rid of dandruff and render to the growth of silkier and stronger hair.Wash your hair with shampoo to see the results. Follow it twice a week to gain quicker results.

  • Bananas


Bananas are extremely good for your hair as they are nourishing and tend to condition your hair, thus controlling frizz. Blend one rip banana with olive oil and honey. Apply a smooth paste along the lengths of your hair, tie it in a bun and leave it on for an hour in order to let the ingredients work their effect on the hair and so that the hair can absorb their goodness. Shampoo your hair a well as condition it. You will be blown away by the results.

There you go. Try these remedies and we can assure you that won’t disappoint you.

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