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4 Ways To Get Back To Work After A Career Break


Remind yourself that you have as much of a right to a job that you love, as everybody else. There is no need for you to compromise on your mission to find a job that you love. Returning to work is largely a self-esteem game, and it’s important to keep your chin, and morale, up. Surround yourself with people who are as gung-ho about your future as you are.


Be proactive and sign up for new courses, and update your CV with certificates or degrees gained. You could even just rework your CV to showcase what you’ve already accomplished—often it’s about putting what you’ve achieved in the best light possible. Show that you’re bringing something new to the table and that you aren’t afraid to learn new skills.


Here social media groups and LinkedIn can be your best friends. Bring up your career break–do not attempt to hide it. Redraft your CV to explain the break and own the reasons for it. Several others have been in the same position as you and will understand the reasons for your break if you’re willing to demonstrate a willingness to commit.


You should not compromise on the idea of getting a job, but you may need to be more accommodating about other things, such as salary and role or designation. Be confident—inform your employers of your true interests and schedule a review or reappraisal of your pay and position within a mutually agreed upon time frame.

*The writer is COO, Jigsaw Academy, The Online School of Analytics

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