4 Tips To Reverse The Effects of Alcohol

Beauty and Drinks go hand in hand

4 Tips To Reverse The Effects of Alcohol

Celebrations call for drinks and good food. Parties, outings, and occasions can provide ample opportunity to get careless with alcohol. The best way is to choose your drinks wisely but it can’t always be guaranteed. We all like our own share of drinks but if you want to keep your age gracefully, refuse that extra glass of drink. The first place it starts to show up is on your skin.

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Drink Up!

Drink Water

For every glass of alcohol, drink a glass of water! Hydrate your body with plenty of water before, after and during your drinking time. It may seem a hassle but trust us your body will be thankful to you. Water helps flush out any toxins even after binge drinking and helps your organs function smoothly.

Clean That Skin

Clean Skin

Too much alcohol can leave you tried, drowsy and exhausted. But let that not be a daily excuse for a regular skin nighttime routine. Clean up your makeup, prep your skin to unwind before you hit the bed. Leaving your face-on with heavy makeup will clog your pores, increase acne and worsen the effects of your drinking.

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Ice, Ice Baby!

Ice Rub

The best way to reduce puffy eyes is to rub ice under them the next morning. You can even replace them with cold tea bags or spoons kept overnight in the chiller. It’ll help slow down the blood flow and make you less red and blotchy. Using an extra pillow under your head will also help significantly.



Alcohol usually takes months to go to your body but only some hours on your skin. Short term hack? Go for moisturising makeup, something lightweight for your eyes. Tinted primers and wet foundations will help give a dewy look. But remember to clean up at the end of the day!

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