4 Tips To Lose Weight By Cycling

Pedal your way out on your bicycle. Not only is it fun but ensures a fit physique!

4 Tips To Lose Weight By Cycling

Cycling is an activity enjoyed by many. While some practice it for leisure, some treat it as an exercise and practice it religiously. Cycling can prove to be immensely beneficial in your weight-loss regime if done the right way. Here are a few ways to exercise cycling and make the most of it.

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  • Eat well before you ride


It’s best to begin your day with exercise. Eat a king size breakfast before your set out on your ride. It goes without saying that the breakfast should incorporate healthy food like oats, fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk.

  • Keep munching

Eat More Often on the Bike

It is necessary to keep munching on dry fruits at regular intervals of your ride. It maintains your stamina, improves your performance and prevents overeating after the session.

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  • Avoid over-dressing


It is a misconception that covering yourself up while cycling is a good way of sweating it out. Infact, sweat caused as a result of dehydration is anything but good. It’s important to wear lose clothes and let your skin breathe and stay hydrated.

  • Speed up towards the end


You should ride at a steady pace throughout most of your ride but ensure that you speed up the last fifteen minutes of your session. This makes your breathe faster as your heartbeat rate becomes rapid and you intake an increased amount of oxygen which burns fats and calories.

Thus, go ahead and make cycling a part of your day-to-day exercise regime and follow the above pointers in order to achieve an effective weight-loss program.

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