4 Things You Need To Do If He Orgasms Too Soon

Take it nice and slow!

4 Things You Need To Do If He Orgasms Too Soon

No sooner do you dive into a hot make out session than your man orgasms to glory. Does this happen often? If yes, there are a few measures you could take to make your sessions last longer and obtain maximum pleasure out of it. Read more to find out!

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  • Let him take the lead


Now what will happen is that you will give your man enough time to build up his orgasm. The times you start off by giving him pleasure, he does not find sufficient time to experience the pleasure building and ends up getting an orgasm too soon. Women take time to get an orgasm thus, let him worship your body after which you could return him the favour.

  • Invest enough time in foreplay

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Spend enough time on your foreplay activities. This will increase the sexual excitement as well as heat. You could ask him to take it slow and a gentleman is sure to oblige. Take your clothes off and cuddle. This will gradually lead you to the activity of having sex. The wait just makes it better.

  • Take intervals during sexual intercourse

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May it be kinky or romantic, you need to take intervals in between your sessions. Talk, cuddle, kiss or stare into each other’s eyes. Not only will this make the activity more passionate but also long-lasting. It will also bring the two of your emotionally closer.

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  • Don’t aim for the orgasm straight away

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It’s not always about giving each other an orgasm. Sometimes it’s about feeling physically and emotionally intimate. Get into the activity. Take it slow and steady. Feel the love rather than practicing an extremely sexually-driven raw activity. Let the orgasm come naturally at it’s own pace. Afterall, one should experience sexual pleasure for the beautiful moment that it is, especially when you’re doing it with your special someone.

Follow these steps and it would definitely slow down your man’s eroticism, helping you solve the problem that you’re facing.

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