Tired Of Partying? Here’s How To Quickly Rejuvenate Yourself

Tired Of Partying? Here’s How To Quickly Rejuvenate Yourself

Dressing-up and wearing fashionable footwear for social events such as weddings, family get-togethers, parties, club-hopping, etc. can be quite fun, but the aftermath is always tiring. Our feet kill us, we want to sip on a hot steaming cuppa either tea or coffee – whatever our palette is inclined towards, and simply drop on our welcoming warm bed. This is quite recommendable when you are done with your day. But what when you have another social to attend? Fret not, woman! Here are 4 simple Ss that you must follow when you have a couple of hours (or a whole afternoon) to kill in between two parties.



The first thing you must do is take a quick shower. A shower will not only help you regulate your body temperature but will also regulate your blood circulation. Wash off the dried sweat and dirt. This will help your skin breathe freely. Showering also helps you relax your mind and calms down your nerves.

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relax your feet

If you have been on your feet most of the time at the first party, we understand the pain you must be enduring! It does not matter whether you wear high heels or sneakers to a party because not many know that our physical tiredness is majorly linked to our feet. And to relax your whole body, you must first relax your feet. In a tub, pour warm water, add a fistful of coarse sea salt to it and soak your feet in it for at least 10 minutes.



Snooze off

Instead of being online on social networking sites, use the free time to snooze right after soaking your feet in warm water. A shower and a 10-minute of soaking feet tremendously calm down your nervous system, so much so that you might even feel like simply nodding off then and there. Do so. Snooze off for at least 40-45 minutes. This will help your body to rejuvenate and will give an amazing glow to flaunt at the next social event.

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steaming coffee

Post snooze, brew a nice cuppa steaming coffee or tea. This will rejuvenate you further and make you absolutely party-ready! If you are a black tea person, add either some basil and spearmint leaves to the boiling tea. This concoction will refresh you like nothing else!

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