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4 Smokey Metallic Eyes That Are In!

Every girl needs some sparkle in her life. No better way than putting on some glittery eye makeup! Add shimmer to your eyes with this new trend of metallic eyes makeup. Pair it with tight eyeliner and eye primer as an even base. and These are some of the shades you need in your cosmetic kits for life.

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  • Gold

A must buy, metallic gold eye makeup will make your eyes pop for a night out clubbing. Team it with a bold cat eye, red lips and you are ready to rock. You can always start slow by applying a dab of gold eyeshadow on the inside corners of the eyes. This will help make your eyes look bigger and not look too dramatic.

  • Silver

Silver eye makeup will help define your eyes. A bright lip of red or pink will complete your makeup look. Add on fluttery lashes and dark mascara to pull off an ice princess style. You can even stick on some faux glitter on your lids for more drama.

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  • Brown

Brown metallic eye makeup is the simplest look. This shade looks wonderful on all skin types as well. Wear it for a fun day out with your girlfriends on the weekends or a subtle shade for work days. Browns are easy to blend with the dusky skin.

  • Rainbow


The boldest of them all is the rainbow metallic eyes. Sporting all shades of bright colors like reds, greens, oranges, and yellows this look will draw attention to your eyes. Stick to two colors at best but don’t be shy to mix them up well. Go minimal on the lips by sticking to nudes or light colors. Let your eyes do the talking!

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