4 Signs That You Need More Sex

It's high time that you do it!

4 Signs That You Need More Sex

A stressful life that leaves you feeling tired and like you don’t have an exciting element left to it calls for sexual indulgence. Yes, sex is a great way of relieving stress and it has several health benefits as well. There is no right time to have sex! Go for it when your body craves for it. Here are 5 signs that your body is craving sex.

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  • Monotonous Lifestyle

Leaving for work early in the morning every day, working all day and coming back home late leaves one extremely stressed in life. A monotonous lifestyle gets boring and has several drastic effects on a person’s mental health. It is always better to relieve your stress and an instant way to relieve stress is by having sex. It sends out all kinds of happy hormones in your body called endorphins which calm your mind down.

  • Lack Of Sleep

If you have been experiencing sleepless nights, it’s probably a result of emotional imbalance. Having sex releases a hormone called oxytocin which renders a good sleep. Going without sex for too long may lead to lack of sleep.

  • Increased Desires

Not having sex for too long causes an increase in self-pleasure. Furthermore, you’ll realize that you have growing sexual fantasies that become hard to control. Take the hint from your mind and body and indulge in sex. If you aren’t dating, a friends with benefits relationship is a great option!

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  • Decreased Skin Quality

If your skin has lost its glow, it’s probably because of stress. However, sex retains the glow of the face. If you don’t have sex, there is no way for your skin to get back its luster. Cosmetic treatments are available, of course. Sex is a natural method to keep the skin pores tight and maintain it’s luster.

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