Love Vs Lust: Is He Just Looking For Sex?

Honey, it ain't love!

Love Vs Lust: Is He Just Looking For Sex?

Ever felt butterflies in your stomach after lying down next to the man you’ve had great sex with? More often than not, there’ll be women who nod a yes to the question. However, are you sure that it is love or is it just temporary infatuation which has risen as a result of excellent chemistry? Here are 5 signs that you are confusing great sex with real love.

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  • Nothing but the bed


If you love spending time with your partner only in bed and cannot connect with them on an emotional basis, then it means you are merely struck by lust or physical attraction. You need to go out, watch movies, talk and be able to share a strong bond with each other for it to be real love.

  • No Cuddling


Cuddling is an activity that is even more intimate than the act of having sex. If you aren’t comfortable cuddling with the person you have sex with, it is a clear indicator that there is no love involved and those butterflies in the stomach are just wild hormones in disguise.

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  • No missing whatsoever


As soon as you’re done with your session, you want to make a run and escape any interaction whatsoever. When your partner is away and you do not miss him, how could it possibly be love?

  • Trust factor


If you cannot trust the other person to be there for you when you need him, there is no point in taking it for love. It is pretty evident that the other person just wants benefits if he cannot be there for you.

It is better to talk your feelings out with the other person and clear the confusion to gain a clearer picture.

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